Elevating Creative Lifestyles

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Why should you download our app?

Made for creatives, by creatives. Our app is designed to Elevate your Creative Lifestyle. We are going to elevate:

  • How you manage your gigs and income
  • The way you're paid on non - union work
  • Your access to credit and benefits
  • How you get more work
  • Lifestyle discounts
We believe you should have support in the beginning of your career, not just when you make it

Say goodbye to the struggling artist stereotype

We started in 2019, with a mission to Elevate Creative Lifestyles. We recently released an app to help you with managing your business as a professional artist. It all started with the Pro.Artist Advance to help professional artists get paid quicker and not wait 30 to 45+ days. Then after learning more about other pain points, it grew to be a whole platform to help with various problems.

Besides our upfront payment solution for when you need money now from non-union work, our Gig Tracker makes it easy for you to keep track of where and when your next gig is. You don't have to deal with a cluttered Google calendar or an old-school planner. Streamline your acting, modeling, photography, singing, dancing, etc. schedule with our app.

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An App Designed For Your Creative Lifestyle

Track your auditions and gigs, get paid quicker on completed non-union work, take advantage of the discounts, connect, and be the next spotlight!

Know There's Someone Looking Out for You

Use our business management app in Burbank, CA and nationwide.

You're already a star, whether you're an open mic regular or the shy one in your improv troupe. But you came to Hollywood, LA, and Burbank to perform, not to balance a checkbook. Exgratias is here to help. Our business management app is specifically designed for professional artist. We'll help you keep all your payments, auditions and gigs straight so you can focus on learning your lines or tuning your guitar.

Unfortunately, artists often aren't granted the same benefits and security that other industries offer. Our app is looking to change that. The business management app for professional artist aims to:

  • Help you stay on top of gigs and auditions in your area
  • Get you your money faster

  • Get more work
  • Make it easier for you to get health care