Emanuel Green


Emanuel has been a professional artist for 10+ years. He started out in the music industry as a rapper signing his first major distribution deal at 17 years old. After a large independent music deal fell through, he decided to go to college to obtain
a degree in Business Administration and Finance at New Mexico State University. During his junior year in college he managed to get an internship at the historic music label, Capitol Records. He started to gain some recognition by his signature green shoes
which he wore to work every day while also navigating his way around the executive suite. He made such an impact on his last day, everybody came to work dressed in green.

Since then he has been known as "The Man in the Green Shoes." He made his way back into the industry, but he decided to try his hand at the advertising side as a commercial actor and print ad model. He found some early success landing campaigns with Cisco and McAfee.
Since then, he has signed with different agencies and worked in both primary and secondary markets for the past 4 + years. As a professional artist he saw the immediate need for financial products in the entertainment industry. He will utilize his years of experience
in the industry and financial acumen to develop products that will be helpful to the professionals they are intended for.

Thomas Langehennig, IMBA


Thomas has been in the finance industry for 5+ years specializing in loans, credit, and business development. As an expert on loans and credit for businesses and consumers, he saw the opportunity in the entertainment industry to help professional artists with the right financial products.

Prior to Exgratias, he helped co-found Lend Me Capital, LLC which focused primarily on commercial real estate deals and various financial products. Before he started entrepreneurship, he was a Business Banking Specialist at Wells Fargo Bank dealing with all the financials of businesses and consumers while helping them gain the capital they needed to grow. He helped advise them through financial priorities, cash management, accounting, and credit. Furthermore, he successfully helped them increase profitability by advising strategies on cash flow. Through all of this he has been able to generate a total of $172MM in capital for businesses and consumers. Thomas is an active member in his community and enjoys helping people.

Thomas holds a B.S. degree in Business Psychology as well as an International MBA. While obtaining his IMBA at Pepperdine University, he studied abroad at the University of Oxford in England and the University of Mannheim in Germany. Through all of that, he has obtained significant knowledge on growing and working with businesses throughout the U.S. and internationally.