Elevate Your Craft With Our App

We are an all-inclusive financial platform for professional artists by giving you the tools and support when you need it.

Pro.Artist Elite Platform

Health Insurance

As a creative community, we can get those great healthcare options that employers offer.

Gig Based Credit

Credit based off of your gig history.

Lifestyle Discounts:

  • Travel and hotels
  • Multimedia Support
  • Plus more!

Elevate Your Craft With Our App

Download our business management app for professional artists nationwide.

Even though you might not be going into an office every day or chatting with coworkers at the water cooler, you are part of a community. Exgratias is here to connect with creative people and give you the support you need to keep pursuing your career in entertainment. Our professional artist financial platform is set up to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Email now to chat with a team member about the professional artist financial platform we operate at: info@exgratias.com

What can our app do for you?

The business management app can get you your money faster and provide you with solutions you need.

By downloading our app, you'll be able to:

  • Get advances on your payments
  • Track your: auditions, gigs, and income
  • Check out the Spotlight to learn about other creatives
  • Be first to hear about our upcoming features, such as Health benefits
Download today to take advantage of our business management app for professional artists throughout Burbank, CA, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY, and beyond.