Keep a Record of the Work You Do

Download our business management app to track your auditions, gigs, jobs, and your money.

It can be all too easy for you to lose track of the gigs you've done in the past month or so, and even easier for clients to forget about paying you. Exgratias is here to make sure you get the money you're owed. Our Gig Tracker app makes it easy for you to organize past and upcoming gigs. You get a notification reminder the day before and you can quickly open the app to see a snapshot of your upcoming gigs/auditions.

Check out our Gig Tracker by downloading the app today to start managing your gigs in Burbank, CA and Nationwide.

It's never been more convenient to manage your auditions, gigs, and money

Whether you're booking commercial spots, recording openings, or music gigs, you can use our app to help you manage it. To put it simply and straightforward - our business management app helps professional artists track their auditions, gigs, and finances to keep up with their creative lifestyle.

The app:
  • Notifies you about upcoming gigs, auditions, and other work
  • Shows you what has and hasn't been booked
  • Includes filters for type, casting directors, producers, etc.
Start using our app today to make sure you don't miss an audition, gig, or other work.