The Service

An upfront payment service for professional artists.

You now have a choice to gain access to the money you have earned. Get paid in 2 business days. No more waiting. No more worries. No interest. Try it out - your first advance is free.

The Process

Once you complete a gig, put in a request for payment through our app. We will then verify with your agent. Once we have the necessary docs signed we will pay you, minus our small service fee, then your agent pays us that check later on. We do it this way so you're never in debt.

The Reason

The Cost

The cost of a Pro.Artist Advance will vary based on the amount and the level you have reached. Please refer to our chart below. As an example, if you want to advance $1,000 at Level 2 the fee would be 6% which would equate to only $60. As a Pro.Artist Elite member, the fee would be 3% which would equate to only $30.

Getting your agent onboard

Send us their information and we will work out all the details.

Refer other professional artists

Earn a $100 credit for every professional artist you refer to us that uses the Pro.Artist Advance. No limit!

Get Paid Right Away

Discover the benefits of our professional artist payment service

You've got bills to pay and groceries to buy. You don't have time to wait around for the project you just completed to send you your money. Exgratias can help. Our upfront payment service can get you an advance on your payment. Then, once the gig money comes in, we'll collect it from your agent. First one is FREE, so try it out!

Email us now to find out more about our upfront payment service - Pro.Artist Advance.